Are you being all that you want to be, all you deserve to be, are you achieving your highest potential and living life to the fullest? Or are you living a different reality locked into survival mode, finding life a struggle?

At one time or another most of us have probably heard of or seen the quote:

” Change your thoughts; you change your world “

Norman Vincent Peale


Have you ever really stopped to take stock of what this actually means? How important it is ? & how you can achieve it?

For a number of years now many scientists  have been at the forefont in researching & providing growing bodies of information , each in their own specialised field, which specifically supports this very issue. They have been providing the keys to understanding how we can become the master of our lives rather than the victims of our circumstances.

Masaru Emoto’s groundbreaking studies of water has shown that it has a unique property – that it carries an energetic vibration which responds to & changes with respect to the information that it is exposed to. He also found that words, thoughts, pictures & music carry their own specific energy or vibration with varying degrees of negativity or positivity which when exposed to water causes it to change. This has far reaching implications for us, as an adult body consists of 70% water & water is an essential component of every living cell. The information that we take in affects the quality of the water in our bodies right down to our cells & therefore our health.

Bruce Lipton discovered that cells communicate through the cell membrane via means of receptors which open & close to take in information from the external environment. It is the “skin” of the cell which is the “brain” & which is responsible for controlling the cell biology not the genes as has long been commonly accepted . His research found that it is the beliefs or perceptions that people take on from their conditioning & thinking which determines the diseases or lack thereof that they develop – therefore beliefs control the biology not the DNA!

But just how easy is it to change perceptions about thoughts & feelings? Who are we really? What if there was a way to not only change perceptions of the way we thought but also the way we felt that gave us a more empowering viewpoint?

These are just some of the issues that I became really interested in which led me on my spiritual journey, researching consciousness & investigating & learning a number of different energetic healing modalities in an attempt to discover some answers.

Paths 2 Potential offers strategies & techniques using a range of consciousness technologies  to assist you in restoring harmony & balance to your life, discover the “greater” you & how to operate from your “Point of Power” through consultations, workshops & teleseminars.