About Sharyn

Hi there!

My name is Sharyn Hayes & I am the creator of  “Your Life Paths” which exists to unlock your paths to potential. I use the plural of the word paths deliberately as I believe there are an unlimited number of paths & possibilities you can choose to follow. Life is about choices! Ultimately though, all paths lead to one destination – the return to wholeness & discovery of your true power & potential, which is your birthright.

“We have all been given gifts. What we decide to do with those gifts is our gift to God, but how we act on them is our gift to humanity”  ~ Joseph Pierce Farrell

I work with the totality of you – mind, body & soul to show you how to unlock your gifts & empower yourself to live the life you were truly meant to have. My aim is for you to recognise who you  really are – a vast energetic being with unlimited potential,  & to assist you to  operate from your “point of power” rather than from limitation or victimisation.

Through my  research & exploration into consciousness, science, quantum physics & energetic healing modalities I have amassed a vast storehouse of consciousness techniques, ideas & knowledge which I draw upon in my consultations, teleconferences & workshops to assist you in creating changes in your desired areas of life.



For more information about myself & my energetic healing modalities visit my other website – www.theta4u.com.au